10 Compelling Events for Sales Outsourcing

10 Compelling Events for Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing is usually considered as one of the most important transformations in the current business management. It's an indispensable management path for those companies pursuing processes efficiency improvement, costs reduction and increase their flexibility.

Top 10 Compelling Events for Sales Outsourcing

  1. Reduce and control operating costs
  2. Improve the focus of the company
  3. Gain access to first-class capabilities, which by themselves would be difficult to achieve
  4. Release internal staff for other purposes
  5. Resources are not available internally, so, therefore they are focused on their specific objectives
  6. Accelerate the benefits of a process change or reengineering
  7. Minimize the risk of functions that are inherently difficult to manage or are out of control
  8. Make financial resources available
  9. Share Risks
  10. Infusion of cash

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales Outsourcing means to be provided by sales staff from an external company, or even, the subcontracting of certain sales programs or specific campaigns. Traditionally, Sales Outsourcing is used by companies expanding to new territories and markets, even internationally, or setting up a sales team around a new product or a new approach to sales. The globalization of the market, the Internet and the growth of the number of virtual or network companies, are circumstances that have caused that Sales Outsourcing has become an accepted and even preferred practice.

When companies are in the initial stages of start-up or ready to access their next level of growth, they need to concentrate their resources and attention on their main products or services and not on the development of the sales process or the hiring of a sales team. Through Sales Outsourcing, these companies can move to the speed of the Internet taking advantage of the skills and capabilities of their Sales Outsourcing partner, which has systems, processes and methods already in place. As an added benefit, companies are receiving the value of proven sales executives they would not have been able to afford in their start-up phase. The moment these two forces align themselves, a true synergy begins to develop, which is the basis for achieving the objectives. This recipe for success is not limited to new Internet companies. Any business, new or already established, small, medium or large, can obtain enormous benefits derived from Sales Outsourcing

A good part of the companies which are already obtaining excellent results by the money that they use outsourcing services, is also taking the way of Sales Outsourcing, a model in which is outsourced some or all of the selling processes.

"The real benefit of Sales Outsourcing is in the value it contributes, and this value is not necessarily cost savings. Aspects such as time-to-market or customer service are not shown precisely in a financial statement, but can be critical to a company's success."

A recent study found that most companies today, specifically 74%, outsource one or more of their marketing functions such as advertising, public relations or telemarketing. When adopting a Sales Outsourcing model, the company must focus on specific business processes instead of functions. For example, a function is a business visit, preparing a budget, sending an email, ... while a business process is, for example, the conversion of potential customers into sold accounts. When a complete process is outsourced, the results can be quantified, can be measured, and can be calculated the return of each euro allocated to the process outsourcing.

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