3 Guidelines on Selling Cloud Computing Services

3 Guidelines on Selling Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing is currently is already consolidated in the Information Technology industry. Recent studies in which the sector is based have concluded that 80% of companies today use some type of cloud solution and more than half expect to increase their Cloud investment by 10% or more by 2016.

That is why knowing how to sell Cloud Computing is a skill that is being considered increasingly valuable, among other things, because "in the exercise of the sale" is easy to get carried away to the purely technical terrain, where the value proposition of the Cloud service loses rotundity.

At Heading2Market we are successfully conducting cloud service sales operations, and when we analyze those operations later, to know what we do well and what we can improve, we always agree that successes are based on three guidelines:

  1. When selling Cloud Computing, the message should focus on the business case, you have to show how the service can save money to the client, and do so with minimal technical arguments. An effective way to achieve this is to prepare a speech based on solutions. Ask your potential client to describe two or three of his current problems in the IT area; You will see that they always pivot on axes like cost, reliability, security or technological validity. You've to previously prepare the answers to these common questions, and explain to your interlocutor how your services are going to solve those problems, keeping the focus on the solution and not the technology.

  2. The same must be done for the objections that your potential customer may have regarding the Cloud model. Typical cloud concerns typically revolve around security, reliability, ownership, and technical support. Again, make sure you have prepared answers and some examples to help you support your argument. An excellent example could be your own company, if you use your own services, you can speak with confidence and ownership of your own experiences.

  3. In addition to focusing on the business case, you should also be able to explain the services to your prospect in a way that he understands. Keep a simple language and try to explain yourself based on familiar concepts. As always, you should focus on the benefits of your services and do not bog down in concepts, acronyms or technical messages. Test your argument and, if possible, practice with people who do not have the technical skills to make sure they understand you.

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