5 Proven Tactics to Optimize Landing Pages for Phenomenal Conversion

5 Proven Tactics to Optimize Landing Pages for Phenomenal Conversion

Unlike other website pages and blogs, landing pages have a greater significance for marketers since they help them highlight a single item from their company. Unlike other web pages,  the landing page details every benefit and advantage of an offering and compels viewers to take a specific action. 

Landing pages are structured in a manner different from other pages: with catchy one-liners,  brief features and benefits, compelling images, videos, and a call to action.

Sometimes, visitors land on certain pages organically while browsing about the company's products and services. However, one can even employ many tactics to enhance traffic to the landing page as well as improve the conversion rates, as described below: 

1.     Add Games and Surveys

A landing page quiz or survey is the most efficient tool to be added on the landing pages for its promotion and marketing. Most landing pages offer a form to gather visitor details. However, this direct path of gathering visitor’s information using form fields may not always be appreciated.

If one really wants to convert the visit into a lead, invite visitors for some cognitive games and fun quizzes. These games usually result in winning an offer on solving correctly but are constrained by time and availability. Therefore, as visitors fear losing an offer or not coming with a creative solution in time, they push themselves in getting an answer as soon as possible. In this way, they either become potential participants or buyers.

Get Started! Ready for Adventure? Save Your One Month’s Bucks! etc are some common and inviting phrases used to make the landing page sound like a good deal for the visitors.

2.  Integrate Embedded Videos

Like a survey or game, videos make landing pages appear enticing, moving and attention-grabbing.

Watching videos saves a visitor’s energy from reading and understanding the intended value of the products and services. One watches, listens and grasps the story being told. As compared to words, this makes videos a potent tool for arousing emotions in people and compelling them to act. So, not only do videos help in generating an impressive number of leads, they also help in SEO, thus offering two-pronged benefits.

3. Make Enticing and Compelling Headlines 

An effective landing page should make every detail look special and different. The most important aspect of such good landing pages is its headlines. 

These big, bold and catchy one-liners presented as headline work to grip the visitors and stop them from leaving the page. Also, to convert the compelled visitor to a lead, most headlines have an attribute known as ‘call to action’.  This is the element that helps marketers drive interactions, participation, and gives the actual idea of the conversion on the page. For Example: Click to build stunning websites,  Join us and enjoy unimagined deals and offers. 

The phrases like above that start with an action verb are essential elements that drive visitors to take a specific action.

4.  Give a Human Touch

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, building trust and transparency have become critical for converting leads. When it comes to landing pages, this challenge has to be tackled in a creative manner.

One of the easiest ways to get this done is to show the authentic effect of the product or service on real consumers. This can be done through testimonials of clients represented through their pictures and showing their current profile. Another way is to provide anecdotes using videos with clients and customers speaking about their experience with the company and its offerings.

Such testimonials and anecdotes give the page a human touch and increase the chance of a lead conversion. Leveraging the psychological tactic known as social proof, words from customers give more authenticity to the page and generate trust in the visitors. 

5.  Connect to Social Platforms

A landing page without any scope for multiple sharing is a wasted page. People remain active on social platforms to gather insights on various subjects- promotions, popular apps, songs, blogs, viral videos and popular domains. To make optimized use of the social platform, landing pages must have the icons of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp embedded on it to help interested visitors promote the content to a larger audience.

Another way could be sending direct mails to the registered members as newsletters encouraging them to share the mail with friends and families. Thus, sharing of the link in the email will increase the chance of viewing if the headline sounds realistic and relevant.

Therefore, landing pages, which act as one of the most important pages for a site can be optimized in a plethora of ways to improve traffic and conversions. 

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