5 Tips for a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

5 Tips for a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Sales will come or not, but nothing will cost you more time, money and potential sales than a mediocrely organized Telemarketing campaign. Not to mention -in addition- the guaranteed frustration that will arise in your team.

Throughout my career I have taken part in many successful Telemarketing campaigns, and I have also experienced some disappointments. What are you saying? You'll ask, Have you been responsible for a failed campaign? Not exactly, we always do our best to get successful campaigns, but we can not help those who flatly refuse to listen to a good advice.

At Heading2Market we take our job very seriously, and I would like you to benefit from our experience and thus avoid making some mistakes that could lead to disaster in a Telemarketing campaign that could potentially be very good.

What should I do? To properly launch an effective Telemarketing campaign you have to play a game whose name is Anticipation and Preparation. The game has five rules.

1.- Know your market

It is essential that you fully understand your target customer before you start calling. There are three basic concepts to consider:

  • Demography - Where does your target market reside? What are their average income? Their average age?
  • Psychology - You need to understand in depth why that target market wants to be your client. This involves a detailed study of the tastes, needs and desires of your target market. Special consideration must be given to the particular orientations of morality, ethics, culture, religion, ...
  • Action Radiation - A segmentation usually targets consumers specifically identified by assigning their proximity to a particular place with a common factor, such as the post code, province, community, etc. It is also possible, for example, to "point" around where a competitor is located.

Check in depth your clients' data. You can find information in public organizations, censuses, chambers of commerce, guilds, ...

2.- Think and work a compelling reason to be heard

It sounds logical, does'nt it? You can not get in touch with people on the phone and try to captivate their interest if you do not have a speech to begin with. You need to have a strong offer or compelling reason for the customer on the phone wanting to go into action.

To do this, create a first offer, then think of all objections your client might use to create excuses, and prepare replies for each of those objections. This is how to develop the agent script. We need this type of standard scripts for each campaign, in order to inform and respond consistently. Make sure that your unique value proposition is clearly explained. Are you providing a solution? Do you have an attractive offer? Your potential customers need to know why it is worth listening to the approach you put them. Remember two very important rules:

  • Simple - You do not have much time to interest a person in what you say. So you need a great level of detail, or a sales approach too complicated? Your potential clients will stop paying attention if they can not immediately grasp what you are trying to say or offer.
  • Real - When talking to a prospect do not try to use the tactics or selling tricks of used car dealers. By underestimating the intelligence of your potential client you do yourself a disservice to yourself, and to all the people who are participating in the campaign. People like being spoken with dignity and respect, so base your message on realities.

3.- Pursue an excellent segmentation, do not settle for a good segmentation

This is the most important thing to get: have a great list. It is necessary to dedicate research and resources to obtain a segmentation, reliable list and high quality of potential customers. Without good segmentation the telemarketing campaign will fail.

  • Use the internet and research thoroughly on the web. You can discover a lot about your consumers by using the Web as a research tool. There are also suppliers specialized in the provision of consumer information
  • Study the existing regulations. Regardless of whether it is a B2B or B2C campaign, you must be fully aware of the existing regulations regarding your campaign. Usually B2B campaigns are poorly regulated. However, campaigns to consumers must comply with the legislation of each country in terms of Privacy Policy.

4.- Set realistic expectations

So you think it's reasonable to expect a 25% positive return on telesales calls? Maybe it's time to wake up from sleep. There are some companies that announce great expectations of success and "guaranteed" results. If you believe this publicity, I can only advise you to be careful, while wishing you the best of luck.

  • No results can be guaranteed - No reputed telemarketing outsourcer compromises a guaranteed outcome. Outbound calling campaigns are incredibly dynamic and depend on many external and uncontrollable factors. What an honest Campaign Manager will do is to achieve, or even surpass, the realistic expectations that you have jointly and consensually agreed upon before starting the campaign.
  • Base your expectations on real data - Have you ever made a campaign for outgoing calls? Then, make one yourself. Get a list of about 30 customers, and spend your time making those calls. Record and monitor the results and carefully review your data. It is a learning experience and will be a small reflection of what is likely to happen on a much larger scale.

5.- Be prepared to make adjustments on the fly

We are accustomed to include our clients at every step of the process as we build, train, and launch an outbound call campaign. In fact, some of our clients know our agents by their first name. We spend time with our client giving timely information about the progress of their campaign. We jointly analyze feedback from prospects, so we can make changes to the approach, scripts, or reorient the approach if necessary. Achieving success makes it necessary to apply these levels of flexibility.

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