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Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to accelerate our customers' revenue growth by shortening their sales cycles and increasing its market share.

To do this we provide solutions for the acceleration of sales that are designed specifically for each client based on experience and observation of markets. Key elements in the development of this mission are: our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, to develop and deliver cutting-edge tools and methodologies, and to create the competitive edge our customers need to reach their target market shares.

Our VISION is to play a leading role in our business to earn satisfaction, recognition and respect of our customers.

We want to create competitive advantages for each of our customers while we generate opportunities for our employees in order to involve their maximum motivation and talent in the development of our organization, providing a suitable environment for your work becomes even more rewarding.

Value Proposition

A value proposition is a statement that summarizes why a buyer should purchase your product or hire your service. This is to convince a buyer that your product or service will provide more value or solve a particular problem better, than other similar potential offers.

By working to our customers, we found that many people think that a value proposition is information about a company, its products or its services, but it is not. Nor is it a brilliant description of your unique services, or your passion for excellence or how you apply technology. Such value propositions are boring. That's why we encourage our customers to convert their value proposition in a clear statement of the RESULTS that a potential customer can get by using their products, services or solutions.

Our Value Proposition includes:



Frequent Questions & Answers

Our culture is to partner with our customers and build on its behalf successful sales teams both internal and external. Our offer is scalable and extends from end to end throughout the entire sales cycle, from marketing to closing the sale. Our services include Online Marketing, Demand Generation and B2B Sales Outsourcing.
Heading2Market has demonstrated its success in internal and external salesm even with marketing alignment. This experience combined with a stubborn pursuit of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement enables a true formula for success. As a partner of our clients, the first step is always to understand their business and market, to jointly define objectives which, while still being ambitious, must be realistic. Based on the understanding of the business and objectives, we assign experienced sales professionals, who provide the necessary training and endow them with the right tools and technology. Normally we start a pilot project on a very small scale in order to minimize risks and ensure that our estimates are accurate. As a strategic partner, in so decisive as sales activity, we ensure align with the KPI set, and ensure the procedures for information, communication and reporting of transactions.
Our success rates vary according to the sector and the role that we assume in the project. In one of our commitments, two salesreps handed 650 potential customers in three months, exceeding by 60% the expectations of our customer. In any case, we always measure our performance and react quickly to fill the gaps that may arise in productivity or income generation.
Unlike some commercial outsourcing companies, our team is made up of business executives with proven experience in sales. In our Appointment Setting services, we have no agents, or telephone operators, we assign sales people, people who can hold a conversation in fluent business, with the C-level of any prospectus. Apart from this, our employees are trained in the products, services as well as in skills, methodologies and sales tools. Our employees are knowledgeable, properly expressed, are courteous and credible. People buy from people they like. Conversations are without a preset script and are focused on generating consideration for our clients' brands.
At Heading2Market we are having a remarkable success in the development of business operations. We invest heavily in order to evolve our model to a level where lead the remote sale, with a stronger value proposition. Our experience in conducting B2B operations and relations shows us that we can develop very strong relationships virtually, either by phone, email, or social networks. The keys to success are the training and tools we bring to our employees, which, together with a clear business process management leads to lower rates of staff rotation, and makes our business can engage their customers, so diligent and can deliver results.
To name a few sectors, Heading2Market has experience in companies in the sectors of Health Sciences, Telecommunications, Technology, Tourism, Transportation, Industrial and Service .... From startups to global global.
The terms of our contracts are very flexible. We make it easy for our customers to discover the benefits of Sales and Marketing Outsourcing, and that's why we initially propose pilot programs in order to test this new strategy. Our pilots can become in just 30 days. At the end of the pilot we are able to make decisions about change, and to plan the next steps. Our pilots can be short in duration and are followed by a collaboration proposal which usually picks up a long-term contract.
The only way to measure ROI is by determining the incremental benefit coming from our services. The key question is how long it takes to measure the ROI; and that depends on the length of the sales cycle in the business of our customers. Other qualitative benefits, not quantitative, derived from our work may include: a better understanding and customer satisfaction, increased market knowledge, business intelligence enlarged and improved job satisfaction in sales organizations and channels our customers, which may lead to lower turnover, lower recruitment costs, training, ...
When we hire people, one of our criteria is the experience of candidates in certain industries, but in any case, always select people with strong experience in B2B sales. Adequately represent the brands of our clients is extremely important to us. Our sales people are dedicated to their customers and work hard with them to expand their knowledge of the sector, its products and/or services and the competitive landscape. Our team has always enough background before interacting with your prospects.
In Heading2Market we have experience in the use of the most common tools including Salesforce CRM, Siebel, MS Dynamics CRM, VTiger, ...
Heading2Market have access to thousands of records in most sectors. The use of this information is, however, subject to the law for the protection of information which operates in each country. These lists provide contact information with direct phone numbers and email addresses that help considerably in cold contacts. For a reasonable price, we extract lists for campaigns and upload to the database of our customers.
Yes, all our projects have sales people to become part of the team of our clients and are proud to represent their brand. Our sales guys are presented as a member of the organization of our customers.
Our level of turnover in sales functions is holding around 15% per annum or less. Leadership, training, advancement opportunities, open-door policies and a culture of continuous improvement to ensure that our employees Heading2Market environment is a good place to work and grow.
We set objectives jointly with our customers, we need their help to understand the dynamics and market opportunities and thus effectively set goals. At first we'll adjust preliminary estimates based on the results and lessons learned during the pilot phase.
We understand the value of time. The purpose of our Sales and Marketing Outsourcing services is to grow the revenue of our customers in a cost effective manner. In the early stages is when more time is need from our customers to help set goals, prioritize calls and contact lists, or train. Once the program is set (usually within the first 10 days), we share information with our customers and conduct regular sessions for program reviews. These reviews give us the opportunity to exchange ideas and promote changes that will eventually bring growth. In short, we integrate efficiently with the equipment of our customers and strive to minimize their time investment.
Our cost model has many variants and is scalable and customizable to meet the needs of our customers. Options include a fixed monthly fee or a fixed model plus variable. The latter is typical with our programs we have worked appointment setting once a program for several weeks. The final cost model is "pay for performance" and is used in complete sale programs, where the structure is a 100% commission on monthly payment based on incoming orders.

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