What is lead generation?

Surely you've heard about the generation of leads, but maybe you do not know very well what it means. In this post I explain what it is and how you can generate more leads.

What will help you get business appointments over the phone

Getting business appointments over the phone is not an easy task. However, you can do this if your call is interesting to the person on the other end of the phone. In addition, you have an advantage: you can prepare your intervention.

Today we explain how to generate interest in your interlocutor through a communication that conveys value and credibility.

What effective channels to contact clients can I use?

This is the big question and at the same time the challenge we face every day. How do I break the ice? What do I do first? An email, a phone call, contact through Linkedin ...?

4 tips to set impossible appointments

Recently, speaking at a seminar on Business Development, one of the attendees asked me: "I have tried different techniques for approaching a prospect: phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messages and even presentations through employees of his own company, but the person to whom I try to access, the decision-maker, does not answer me. Do you have any suggestions?"

Adapting to the new rules on B2B sales

In heading2market we have been providing commercial and marketing outsourcing services in B2B contexts for the last seven years and we have observed a dramatic change in the rules of the sale. Now we see how some of our customers come to us because they have reached an extreme where making more calls, or putting more salesreps in the field, is not working for them.

How Sales Outsourcing complements your marketing team

Today, outsourcing Sales and Marketing functions can definitely influence the progress of a company, particularly in generating sales in a sustainable, predictable and profitable way.

Shorten the B2B sales cycle to accelerate deals

B2B sales are characterized by having long sales cycles. Unlike the B2C environment, B2B buying is not done on impulse. The buyer commits significant resources to the seller, and in most cases, his job. In spite of all this, the excuses that surround the long sale process often make improvements difficult.

What is 'Premature Buyer Remorse'?

Premature Buyer's Remorse is that feeling of regret that manifests itself just before making a purchase decision when, apparently, it has already been decided.

5 Tips for a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Sales will come or not, but nothing will cost you more time, money and potential sales than a mediocrely organized Telemarketing campaign. Not to mention -in addition- the guaranteed frustration that will arise in your team.

Efficient Content Marketing Through Stories

The way we communicate has changed a lot in recent times and marketing is getting on this progress train with new strategies to connect with the audience. Brands use methods and tools to establish a link with their public and, for this, it is not enough to expose a product characteristics, but to build an emotional link between the potential customer and the properties of the product. That's why storytelling is a differential tool for content marketing.

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