Facing Rejection in Cold Calling

A few days ago I spent some minutes reading the article of a novel writer, which left me pensive. He said he never gave up on finding a publisher for the publication of his first novel, but he was also a bit embarrassed by the number of times he had tried.

That led me to think about my own life and experiences. I have had many setbacks throughout my life, and particularly in my job. But I have always tried to learn from each and every one of those circumstances. Perhaps the hardest way to learn.

A good friend once told me that I was like a tumbler doll. One of those little dolls that staggers from side to side, but never falls.

My work is characterized because we have to face rejection on a regular basis. In the world of phone sales or sales appointment setting we are rejected many times a day, but there are always 1 or 2 calls in which we are generously received, which make all previous rejections worthwhile.

Online rejection also exists, everywhere, but perhaps it is not so obvious. You may be "unliked," "unfollowed," "unsubscribed," unlinked, or simply ignored.

At that point, do you give up? Do you give and take rejection? Or Can you face it? How often do you face a rejection with the same person? At what point -if you arrive- do you admit that you should resign?

I invite you to discuss about.

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