How to use videos to generate more sales?

How to use videos to generate more sales?

By now, we've told you why it's important to use videos to sell better in cold and through email. In addition to the avalanche of messages received daily by the decision makers in a company, yours must be added, and this one can not peek shyly into the inbox of your future client, no.

To be successful and generate more sales it is important that you send different messages and that you know how to stand out from the rest. Something like being a flower in the desert, which moves the customer and makes him feel that, in fact, is just in front of the product or service he need. And as we told you, videos can play a fundamental role in this whole task which, don't be fooled, is a real tour de force.

Today we want to tell you how you can (and should) use videos to generate more sales. Follow these tips and get started.  

1. Plan a content strategy

Watch out, we're not going to start creating videos just because we told you to: it wouldn't make sense. You'd be wasting a lot of time and the result wouldn't be what you expected at all. The first thing you should do is focus your strategy on a first video (or a few). They can be the ones you will use for your cold door mails. 

As we have indicated in a previous article, it is advisable to contact future clients in three stages. This can help you organize the videos you need: one to introduce yourself, your company and your services; one to tell stories and success stories (your customers can help you here too) and the last one to offer exclusive content that is valuable for those on the other side. 

Of course, you can generate many more videos. But the important thing is to start small, get familiar with the camera, and in the end be proud and satisfied with the content you've created. 

2. Write a clear script

If you've never done it before, the camera might impose on you at first. Don't worry at all: it's normal. Wait, don't run away. You'll see that it's not that complicated. 

Make a first script on paper. Let what you want to say be black on white. Read it and be very clear about what you are going to communicate. Try to make the message clear. The more transparent and simple, the more effective. You can follow this scheme:

  • First of all, thank the future client for spending his time watching the video. 
  • Secondly, introduce yourself. Say who you are and who you represent, what you do and what you are an expert in.
  • Tell how you have been able to help other customers with your product or service. 
  • Finally, close the video with a call to action (register, contact, watch more videos, etc.). Whatever you consider, but make it clear and concrete.

3. Talk to the customer: don't let format be an obstacle

If you're creating a first introductory video, it's important to be as natural as possible. If it doesn't work out at first, don't worry. Practice a little bit in front of someone else who can help you: identify your weaknesses and reinforce them.

Talk directly to the camera or imagine your client in front of you. Do as you would if you could talk in person, just like in real life. Think of the receiver of your message as having a problem and wanting someone to come and solve it. That someone can (and should) be you.

Video focus

And while it's obvious, remember to watch your form. Use clear and natural language, but all the time right. You don't have to dress up in your best clothes, but obviously get dressed up. For you too. Then choose a good place at the office or at home, with a background that is worth seeing and that does not distract attention. A clear, smooth wall is preferable to a shelf full of books and objects that end up confusing the viewer. Pay close attention to the lighting as well. 

Make sure the video is of the right quality. You don't have to set up a TV set, but be careful. Today's mobiles have the capacity to deliver great results. 

4. Tell a story: or let them tell it

Let us now look at another important issue: that of content. If you want your video to be noticed, you will have to work very well on the background. That is: the message you want to convey or the story you want to tell. 

We have talked about the presentation video, but beyond this initial content, you will have to think about other contributions that generate value and have content capable of mobilizing decisions.

In addition, it is essential that your content plan includes other proposals, in which it is not necessary for only you to participate. You can count on the support and complicity of your clients, so that they can tell you what their profile is and how you have helped them solve their needs and/or problems. 

A well-told story (you should let yourself be helped by a good script, short but effective, perhaps in interview format, to facilitate the narration) will be the key that will open the doors of your future client's home. Take advantage of it. 

5. Ensure the quality of the format and your communications

We have talked about the importance of your non-verbal communication, but we must also ensure the quality of the format. Insert the resulting video in your own landing page. In certain cases, especially if you offer exclusive content, you can request that customers register with their email address. 

Video Format

Once inside the email, make sure you create a good text. Make sure it is attractive and includes a powerful and effective call to action. We recommend playing with customization: use a tool that can include text, images, colors, fonts, and even a screenshot of the video, showing you, for example, as an appetizer. This image is very important, because it's the one that will be seen by the recipients of your mail before opening the video. And it is the image that will decide whether he click on it or not.

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