Keys to improve your sales attitude

Keys to improve your sales attitude

We all show an attitude towards life, in general. But also at work, with our family, among friends or practicing our favorite sport. But have you ever wondered what attitude is? If you have and you are in the commercial and marketing sector, you have probably also asked yourself what your attitude is in sales and, in any case, if you have possibilities to improve it. 

Attitude is the starting point of behavior. Through our attitude we predispose the responses to external stimuli, circumstances and conditions. Attitude is so important because it directly affects the moment of sale and therefore has a fundamental role in the results we obtain. 

Improving your attitude in sales is important to achieve the objectives set and do it, if possible, with the greatest of solvency. It should also be noted that multiple factors affect attitude, such as 

  • What you think about the profession you are in: selling 
  • The personal relationships you establish with clients 
  • What you think about the products and/or services you sell
  • Your ability to accommodate negative responses 
  • The concept you have about yourself and your capabilities 
  • ... and a long etcetera of conditioners, which in many cases you probably cannot analyze consciously. 

If you have detected that your attitude in sales can improve for whatever reason and in whatever field, perhaps you should take a look at these tips. They are practical keys to improve your sales attitude from now on.  

Be Aware, Persistent and Resilient 

If you've been doing this for a while, you'll know that sales attitude is key. Those who sell the most have a long history of trying. The good ones know that to get a sale you have to fight and knock several times. That's why it's so important to have good planning, systematize tasks and have well structured steps in your head and on paper. 

resiliencia comercial

The ability to persist and, if things go wrong, rise from the ashes is in the DNA of good salespeople. If you want to improve your attitude in sales you must apply yourself in this sense, practice self-demanding and reach a level of discipline that allows you to achieve the goals set. If you wish, you will do so without any problem. 

Look at yourself in the mirror 

Many people keep a negative image of sales people. And no, those of us who sell are not at all ruthless, unscrupulous or unbelievable. Surely there will be everything, as in all sectors, so it is important that you look in the mirror and know how to recognize your goodness and your shortcomings. 

Ethics and honesty are indispensable values in these times. That is why it is so important to raise them as a flag in each and every one of your actions. If you are satisfied with the product you sell and you think it can be useful for the customers, you will have to let them know it with total truth. When this does not happen and you try to sell at all costs and without contemplation, in the short term the results may be the ones you are looking for, but the future will be anything but promising. 

Knowing how to fit the NO

If you're here and you're a good salesperson, it's because you know there's always room for improvement. To improve your sales attitude, the first thing you should consider is that your sales prospects will have noes as an answer. Well, the most sensible thing is to recognize that there will be many occasions when you will receive noes before reaching the resounding yeses, so you will have to learn to fit this reality. 

Knowing how to endure the negative responses in order to address the next opportunity is fundamental. And this is a question that you must assume as a reality in order to put this quality to work in you. Otherwise, it is more likely that these will not end up making a dent in your sales attitude and the results will not be good or will get worse. 

Put yourself in your customer's shoesPut yourself in the customer's shoes

There is not a single customer who has the slightest intention of buying something that will convince only you. All customers who buy a product do so because they have a good reason to think it will solve a problem or need. To improve your sales attitude, you must keep this premise in mind more than ever: do everything possible to focus on the sale by focusing on the customer and for him to perceive it. Put yourself in their shoes to achieve your purpose. There is no other way. 

Patience and wait 

You know that Rome was not made in a day. To pretend that a customer makes the decision to purchase a product or service in a few minutes is simply a foolish purpose. Much more so if it is an expensive sale that should be meditated upon. In these cases it is essential to build a good relationship with the customer from the beginning, minimizing impulsiveness and knowing how to wait for the right moment. You will see that patience is an art, but you will also know that the reward is great. 

Curiosity: the engine 

If you've been doing this for years, you know that today everything changes very quickly. If you have not been here long enough, you will also know: who could have imagined that from March until now things would be totally different? The products are changing, as are the customers and our competitors. If you want to improve your sales attitude you must get up every day and every week being sure that things will change. The way is to assume that change will come and that you have to be prepared for it. 

A good way to put the cherry on top of this project to improve your sales attitude is to be open to new learning and to be, above all, creative, flexible and responsive. 

And you, do you really want to improve your sales attitude? What do you plan to do to achieve this?

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