Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Smart Leads Management

Sales cycles are getting longer, and even with more decision makers involved. B2B Marketing Automation helps cultivate your leads, and used properly, strengthens relationships with your prospects, shortens the sales process and increases the value of orders.

Now is the time to get going

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the use of technology to generate, nurture, score and qualify leads, and drive them to the closing of the sale, using personalized marketing communications depending on the potential customer profile, of their interest level, their reaction to our impulses, the channel through which interacts or their maturity level in the buying process.


What is the contribution of Marketing Automation?

Better Qualification, More Productivity

Marketing automation eliminates repetitive tasks associated with planning and launching campaigns, uses demographic and behavioral data (page views, downloads, completed forms) and a scoring system identifies which potential customers are ready to be contacted by sales. This eliminates unnecessary time ou unqualified sales leads.

Less costs, better ROI

With better time efficiency in marketing and sales, marketing automation allows to consolidate potential customers and to produce more opportunities, it also provides valuable information about marketing campaigns and systematically determine which are most effective, so you can aim for better performance investments.

Better Relationship Management

Marketing automation provides better control of the organization, with the use of a CRM system, the marketing team can track and communicate with customers and potential customers, maintain adequately the sales cycle, and successfully address their problems and concerns.

Better Campaigns Control

Marketing automation helps you to control, manage, schedule, set goals, produce advertising promotions, and create sales. In this way, the marketing team improves control activities throughout the lifecycle of the sale. For example, a marketing person can create web pages for different campaigns without IT assistance.

Beyond Conventional Marketing Initiatives

Marketing automation helps businesses to extend their marketing efforts, even including B2B Social Media. Conversations with potential customers in social networks are incorporated in the system, and the questions are answered in real time, developing relationships and generating sales through a variety of channels.

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