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The telesales or virtual salesrep is taking power in front of the traditional salesrep. Nowadays, the sales effort is no longer based so strongly on face-to-face visits to companies, but on cultivating relationships from the office to facilitate subsequent sale. Something that some organizations is known as "Inside Sales". Why?

1. Globalization and virtual visibility

The strength of the telesales does not lie only in the ability to make a sale through a phone call. The new technologies offer a multitude of possibilities that help the telesales to achieve its goal and realize the sale: video-conferencing, hangouts, multimedia, etc. The most successful method of communication today is the participatory one, that is, the interaction between seller and potential buyer.

2. Social Media

Knowing the potential customer has never been easier thanks to social networks. To study the expectations of the users that we want to become our customers, to know their preferences, the way in which they relate to the companies, etc. contributes a lot of information which telesales can use before, during and after the purchase process.

3. Balance between work and personal life

Traditional salesreps seeks, more and more, a quality of life that allows him to combine great results in sales with his family life. Frequent trips and many hours in the street end up tiring and discouraging the salesrep. Therefore, having an "Inside Sales" department, which can also be easily hired as a Sales Outsourcing service, that is, outside the company, can be the solution to reconcile professional and family life.

4. Reduction of telephony costs

While long distance calls are still more expensive in Spain than in the rest of Europe, services such as Skype or VOIP have managed to reduce the costs of telephone calls. The Internet is a great help for this, since it facilitates communication between the team of "desk" salespeople and their client portfolio.

5. Buyer Behavior and Preferences Changes'

Traditionally, both the seller and the buyer were used to a face-to-face deal. The same is not the case today. Buyers feel too busy to attend personal visits and, increasingly, avoid such encounters that involve a certain degree of commitment, which may be even uncomfortable. They continue to want a contact and a close relationship, but do not like to steal their precious time: a telephone call or a videoconference, which can attend in their quietest moments, fall within the options preferred by new buyers.

These are the reasons because the "Inside Salesrep" are assuming more and more activities that previously assumed the traditional salesrep: savings in costs, adaptation to buyers' preferences and use of new technologies, are undoubtedly the compelling events of this transformation.


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