Tips to sell better: why are videos so important?

Tips to sell better: why are videos so important?

Reaching and convincing the people who have the most decision-making power within a company is, without a doubt, complicated. How many email messages can they get per day? Tens, hundreds?

When it comes to cold door selling, you have to be clear about your objectives, but also know how to aim well. In other words, our objective is to reach the people who have the most ability to decide within an organization. Which implies not making bulk shipments, but quite the opposite. In these cases it is convenient to be surgical and stand out. Make our message shine above the rest and capture the attention of the person we are addressing. And video, as a format, can play a fundamental role in this whole process.

Why can videos help me sell better?

How have you done so far? When cold selling, we often make a mistake with which our strategy has a high probability of failing. Sending a bunch of emails with a generic message or sales pitch will surely not help us achieve our goal.

To sell better, it is essential to use an effective plan, which must be based on two objectives:

  • The first, to reach. Send multiple emails in a row. It has been shown to be a good way to remind that person that we have something interesting to tell them. How many times have you not answered an email that you wanted to answer, simply because you have forgotten and it has been overlapped by your hottest news? It happens to all of us, so you should keep trying more than once.
  • The second is to make the email in question stand out. That includes interesting, eye-catching, moving content ...

At this point, are you ready? Do we already tell you why videos can help you sell better?

A good email cold selling strategy should be deployed in three stages. Thus, as in a good movie, the charms of your service or product have to be narrated little by little, so that in each of the messages you explain a little more. These three stages that we are talking about are:

Start: create expectations.

In this first email you should introduce yourself and you can use a first video. Tell who you are and what you can offer him/her.

Go on: tell stories.

A good way to captivate your potential client is telling them your experiences and those of your customers. You can present success stories, also through videos.

Video Selling

Conclude: share content or something very interesting.

The third message can be used to make a final approach to the future client. To get it you can offer, for example, something free. For example, an ebook, an exclusive video with training content, a free trial or a discount, etc. The possibilities are multiple and diverse, so it is very important that you adapt it to your business and/or product, as well as the type of client you are targeting. You know about this more than anyone. 

Videos to express yourself more and sell better

Are videos all I need to sell better? Well, first of all we are going to tell you why the videos are so important. To begin with, you should bear in mind that when contacting people through email, a fundamental part of communication is lost: the way we speak and, of course, non-verbal language.

The text on which our email is based can express complex ideas in a clear and perfectly understandable way, yes. But ... how many things can we get to transmit through a video, even if it is short? The answer is many and we must take advantage of this format to integrate it into our cold communications.

Sales marketing must be simple, because being simple is equally effective. Or more. All you have to do is create good content in video format and technically integrate it into a corporate landing page. A personalized space where the future client can register and get what they need.

If the content you have created is good, counts and moves, it will be very difficult for your interlocutor to end up forgetting about you. Shall we get going?

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