Tips to start creating videos with stories

Tips to start creating videos with stories

When it comes to getting down to business with a video marketing campaign, we are plagued by doubts. There are many obstacles that we have to face: the budget, the technical requirements, the content... 

However, the effect of videos and well-told stories is so powerful that we should not give up this opportunity dressed in format. Your future clients are there, on the other side, waiting for you to tell them a story that moves them, that motivates them and that pushes them to take the step of betting on you. For your product or for your service.

For a long time, storytelling has been part of marketing campaigns. Today, creating videos is fundamental to generate emotions, explain the objective being pursued or the problem your product or service is solving. It is also necessary to do it through a formula that is more attractive and less invasive.

But why create videos with stories? Through this technique and format we can achieve different objectives, such as increasing traffic to a service website or blog, promoting products and services or generating conversions. 

But before you get started and even if you are clear about your initial goals, you should consider some tips that can help you shape your video story project.

No story without a script  

Storytelling can be very easy and very difficult at the same time. Especially if it's not done with the right resources. Before working on a story, it is essential to have written a script. That is, you must know what you want to tell, to whom and how. The best thing to do is to work on a story that has an approach, a knot and an ending, so that your audience can understand perfectly what is going on. 

Your story, which in this case will be transferred to video format, must be based on the pillars of the narrative, because otherwise it can end in a resounding disaster. Write down everything you need, and if you find yourself in a tight spot, go to a professional who can help you build the script. Keep in mind the story, but also the dialogues (if any) and never lose sight of the naturalness. 

Connect and excite 

This is probably one of the questions you should ask yourself first. You may be clear about what story you want to tell, but what is in that story that can connect with your audience? Will you be able to generate any emotion in them? This is the goal we are pursuing first and foremost. To connect with other people you must find your common ground.

Conecta y emociona

We are human, we live together and we have realities as similar as they are different. Investigate your emotions to detect points in common, problems that affect us, mixed feelings in different circumstances. The current moment, for example, has generated in us very similar experiences and we have all had to solve similar problems. There you have a good vein, which connects directly to the potential for innovation and adaptation to change that many companies have demonstrated in recent months. 

Do a reflection exercise to observe the different realities and, at the same time, connect them with the product or service you want to sell. It is almost certain that at some point you will discover the spark that can help you get the machinery up and running. 

Equipment and resources 

Today, we have an infinite number of technological means and resources that allow us to create professional and quality videos. Having a recording team that does the job with the maximum guarantees is the best option, if there is a budget. But what about small companies, who cannot afford a large campaign? If you have a professional camera and you know you can handle it, perfect. 

You also have the option of recording via cell phone, since today we have devices that can guarantee very high quality standards. Always make sure that when you record your video you do it in HD format (720p or 1080p) and demand the highest quality from yourself.

Dose your production 

We have talked to you about the need to develop a good script, which describes in a detailed way each and every part of your story. Also the dialogues, if any, the people who will intervene, the scenarios, etc. 

Today it is recommended that the videos are short. So, they can go from 30 seconds to five minutes (or a little more). In any case, don't exhaust your audience, because the effects you provoke in them could be radically inverse to the objectives you are pursuing. 

If your video is too long, it will be a matter of dosage. You can organize a campaign in which you launch the different videos for several days on your social platforms or, take advantage of the longest part to provide value-added content to your future customers. You can offer it through a download or through your prospecting emails. 

Quality and care, above all 

You are working with sensitive material: stories, people, emotions... We have recommended you to try to reach the heart of your audience, in order to generate feelings and encourage decisions, yes. We have also indicated that the technical team should be adequate. All with one objective: that the videos that end up resulting from this initiative have quality. We want you to notice that they have been worked on with care. 

It is fair and necessary that you raise the bar yourself so that the result is professional. If you don't have the means, you have to find the professionals who will help you work on the script and technically elaborate the videos so that the result, finally, will make your future clients fall in love.

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