Trying to monetize Inbound Leads?

Trying to monetize Inbound Leads?

You just received an Inbound lead. It is an executive of a company in your target market. Just downloaded the ebook that gives you the most performance. This lead is ready for your sales team, but what will they do next? Unfortunately, often the answer is ... nothing. This valuable lead can remain days without contact, until your sales team is able to call and start the sales process.

In the current competition climate that's not acceptable. Inbound leads are the most valuable to your sales team. They are potential customers who have shown interest in your product NOW!, and if you do not involve them quickly, you will lose them.

Here are some tips you can share with your Inbound Marketing and Sales teams so you can turn more Inbound opportunities into customers:

    When someone provides your contact information in exchange for some content on your website, you must have a strategy to open the conversation when you communicate with him. A soft opening is best suited. The softer the opening the better the result. For example, instead of calling and saying "We have seen that you were on our website, and we have a special offer for you ...", you will get better results if you start by thanking the visit to the web, and ask later if he is interested in additional content that has been popular among others. This opening is much less intimidating and their response will better qualify the interest of the person and their willingness to buy immediately.

    Set up the sales process to prioritize Inbound leads and assign them quickly. In addition, when you can, automate the process. Calls in fifteen minutes from the action of your potential client significantly increase the closing rate! Your potential client has just taken action and has your company in mind. If you wait, a few hours or days, he may have forgotten your product or, what is worse, he have contacted a competitor who committed to him. Be sure to act when the lead is hot and define a plan about how many times and how you should follow the lead if you do not connect immediately.

    Once you have the system ready to give a quick response to the lead, it is time to take the next step. Make sure your sales people know exactly what content the lead has interacted with on your website, what pages he have seen, how long, ... so they can succeed by moving the leads on the funnel to closure. Make sure your sales people is familiar with those content offerings or create "content libraries" with a brief description of each. This will give your team a good reference before the call, so they can talk to the prospect with a knowledge base.

    As you know, the buyer today can be elusive at the right time, it is not obvious to reach him on the first call or email. If you do not succeed, add it to your company's future "lead nurturing" campaigns. Lead nurturing is based on sending emails or telephone calls reserved to people who have provided their contact information ever. Many times people are not in a position to buy at the time they download your best ebook, so a continuous stream of information or educational content can be capitalized when they are ready to buy.

Giving your team the tools they need to be able to manage potential qualified customers will make a difference in your profitability. By properly aligning Inbound Marketing and Sales, you will be able to convert more and more leads into new customers for your company.

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