What are the skills that a good salesperson should have?

What are the skills that a good salesperson should have?

Have you ever wondered what skills a salesperson must have to successfully achieve their goals? Commercial and sales management is essential in any product or service company and the truth is that stepping into this field is, above all, complex. 

Going out into the jungle of the market to try to sell a product, get around the competition and be effective in applying the techniques is a challenge. And to achieve any challenge you have to have, inevitably, certain skills. 

To identify a good salesperson for your company or to improve your career as a sales expert, you must be clear about the skills that good salespeople use to succeed. 

What are skills? 

Before we delve into the skills that a good salesperson should have, let's explore this concept. Because... do you know exactly what skills are? The first meaning we can find refers to the "ability to operate competently in a given activity," although when we expand on it a little, we'll see a definition that we even like more. It is as follows: "Capacity and disposition for the good performance or exercise of a business, an industry, an art, etc.". 

Well, we will find an infinite number of definitions, but we are left with the fact that aptitudes are the capacities that a person has to reach an objective. In our case, that of selling a product or service.

Can I promote the aptitudes to be a good salesperson?

We have just asked the magic question: are attitudes the way to be born or the way to be made? Well, the truth is that aptitudes can operate both on a physical and psychological level, so some of them will be directly conditioned by genetics. Others will have found in you, in your environment and in your circumstances the optimal environment to develop. 

But, is it possible to enhance them? The answer is yes. Many people are able to enhance their skills through work, training and education. Their goal and that of all those who are willing to improve their skills in any field must be to achieve excellence. This is the path to success. 

The skills to be a good salesperson

And now we're going to get down to the skills that we think a good salesperson should have. 

  • Knowing how to listen
    You know perfectly well that in these times, one of the skills that will fit better with the perspective of your future clients is the ability to listen. If you are able to listen to what they need, you will know exactly what you have to offer them. And this, without a doubt, will help you be more effective in achieving your sales. Enhance this skill by practicing active listening with all the people around you, including family and friends. You will soon realize that, in general, we have lost the good habit of listening. You must strengthen it!
  • Be persistent
    In life, in general, it is of little (or no) use to fall and not try to get up. When facing a commercial job, you must have something very clear: not everything will come out at first, not at all. In fact, most likely, much of your work will consist of insisting, convincing and persisting. You will have many noes, but without them, be clear: no yeses will come either. 
  • Being Empathetic
    If you have been able to strengthen your ability to listen, you are probably closer to training empathy with more possibilities. If you don't know how to put yourself in the client's shoes, or you do it in a forced and unbelievable way, the chances are that you won't connect. To achieve the opposite and be successful you have to know how to be empathetic. To train this skill, work on your emotions, participate in projects where you can learn stories different from your own and even help others. 
  • Confidence in yourself
    Do we make it worse if we think we're not going to do it right? Radically yes. If you don't know it yet, you might be interested in learning a little about the Galatea effect, which is linked to the Pygmalion effect. It can be summarized in that the more convinced we are of our ability to achieve a goal, the more likely it is that we will end up achieving it. If you really think you can't do it, you're probably right. Transform your thoughts and beliefs by making a list of all those achievements you have made lately and reflect on what you have done to achieve it. You probably realize that you are more capable than you think. 
  • Mastering communication
    Communication skills are almost everything in our society. A person who communicates poorly is unlikely to connect with others. The same is true in the business world. Along with your ability to listen should be linked your communication skills, in many cases considered ability. In any case, in addition to communicating well, your body attitude must be adjusted to each context and your ability to understand must be working at the highest level.
  • Be ethical and honest 
    We will not be saying anything new if we remember that, unfortunately, the figure of the commercial or the salesman is still often perceived in a negative light. Smoke salesmen? Fakers? Unscrupulous characters? Breaking with all these clichés is, without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges of our profession. A good way to win the upper hand is to reinforce your ethics and honesty: an obligation that should not be at all at odds with your business objectives. 
  • Knowing how to adapt
    The new times prove us right when we talk about the ability to adapt. The priorities of people and companies have changed, now more than ever, so that it is up to you to be chameleon-like. Our society requires us to be purely adaptive animals, since this is the only way to weather the storms when they arrive and continue on the path to professional success. 
  • Being resilient
    It's okay to fall. Hand in hand with perseverance: resilience. Knowing how to overcome adversities and trying to be skillful enough to be reborn from any setback is fundamental to not lose your way at any time. A good way to promote an aptitude as important as resilience is to practice some sport. Because there is no better way to train the ability to handle defeats and overcome them over and over again.

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