5 Features of a Good B2B Cold Call

In times like the current one, in which new formats of dialogue with your target markets appear (social networks, videomarketing, ...), there tends to be exhausted the format of the telephone cold call. I particularly agree with Antonio Matarranz in his article Is the "cold call" finished ?: "Cold calling is a technique (like all) that does not work if applied poorly.". In the current article we share five tips that will help you create a friendly and effective climate for B2B presentation cold calls.

1.- Make a personalized introduction for your interlocutor.

Neither you, nor your company, nor your products or services are among the priorities of your potential client. He has a multitude of topics that fill his day to day, so if you have had the fortune of getting him on the phone, what your potential client really expects is to know what your call can do for him and his business. That's just it. And what is really surprising, is that most salesreps are skiping this step.

You must incorporate in your introduction a concise statement of the benefits that you can contribute, thus getting your interlocutor to listen to you and participate in the conversation. Before the call think carefully about your product/service and visualize the problems that you can solve or the opportunities that can be derived for your potential client. This is what your interlocutor expects, and you need to hear, if you want to hold some hope of continuing to keep your attention.

There is another very profitable tip for this presentation phase: use the name of your interlocutor a couple of times during your introduction. Using his name you are not only personalizing the call, but you are also getting to hear more closely. We leave it to your discretion to use his first name to reduce the level of formality of the call and to get an additional point of complicity.

2. Be humble in your approach.

In B2B prospecting, the benefits of products/services presented in a grandiloquent way, with excessive force and security, usually create an immediate sense of distrust. Your interlocutor is, at first, skeptical. Therefore, do not exaggerate the message, because you run the risk of throwing away your opportunity. The best thing to temper your approach is to be very humble, and you can do this by using a phrase in which you recognize your interlocutor who might "not benefit" from your product or service. For example,

          "Carlos, right now I'm not sure if _____ could be of benefit to you / you ..."
          "Peter, I really do not know if this would apply to your situation ..."
          "José María, depending on your circumstances, there is a possibility that we may be able to ..."

Recognizing that it is possible that your products or services are not beneficial, adequate or optimal for your prospect, you automatically create credit for yourself. With just one sentence you have gained credibility because your words sound honest, reasonable and sincere. In addition, recognizing your doubts, you open the door to ask, question, and close the door to the speech.

3.- Do not throw a speech, ask!

A good B2B phone salesrep knows that launching an offer through a speech is not enough. Your potential client does not have the time, or the will, to listen to the script of a phone salesrep. Let your prospect know that you would like to ask him some questions to determine if there is an opportunity or not, this way you create a dialogue and make him participate.

Of course, above all avoid the question ... "is it a good time?" If you do, you offer your prospect a fantastic opportunity to apologize and cut off the conversation. Use for example a phrase like ... "if I caught you at a good time I'd like to ask you a few questions ..." so feel that you've asked if it's a good time and are more likely to let you continue. Of course, you are not really asking for your time, you are asking for information based on the questions you want to ask, but this way your interlocutor perceives that you are being considerate and respectful of your time and tend to let you continue.

4.- Create an introduction script

If you are thinking of making a series of prospecting calls for the same target market, it makes sense to write an introduction script, word for word. Not the whole call, just the introduction. It is clear that if you are making repetitive calls with the same message, why not standardize it in a script? Creating an introductory script allows you to master the content of your initial presentation. You can test your script in 20 or 30 calls, record the results, then change the script, try out as many prospects and determine which one works best. At the end of the article you will find some examples of introduction scripts.

5.- Practice and practice

One of the things that most worries the phone salesreps is the fact that their message sounds repetitive when they use a script. And their fears are not unfounded, that can happen if the message is not properly practiced and tested. A good phone salesrep works extensively on the form and fluency in which he "delivers" his introductory message. Work and rehearse where to pause, what words to emphasize, when to accelerate or slow down the locution, etc.

Your prospect evaluates what you say and how you say it. There are studies that reveal that more than 85% of the message is communicated by the tone of the voice. This means that you should pursue excellence in the way you pronounce your introductory words. It is the most important part of your call.

In summary ...

How can a good introduction script be? Here are some examples:

A financial adviser would say ...
Hello ________ my name is ________ and I am commercial delegate of ABC Finance. We specialize in helping small business owners develop and maintain viable retirement plans.

_________, at this time I am not sure if you have established a retirement program through your company, but if I caught you at a good time I would ask you a few quick questions to determine if there could be a way to maximize your investments and Develop a sound strategy for their future.

Let me ask you ...
A HeadHunting consultant might say,
Mr. _________? Hi, I'm _________, XYZ PeopleHunting consultant. We help high-tech companies find and retain the best IT professionals.

___________ I am not sure about your company's current situation with regard to IT staff, but if I caught you at a good time, I would like to ask you some quick questions to make sure we can make your management process for those specialists a little more efficient And problem free.

Let me ask you ...
A medical representative might say ...
Dr. ______? I am ___________ and I call you on behalf of LMN Pharma because we have specialized in working with children suffering from ADHD.

Obviously, Dr ._____ we do not know each other personally and therefore I am not familiar with your approach to ADHD management, but if I caught you at a good time, I would ask you a few quick questions and, if it makes sense, give you a little Information about a new dosing system that gives your patient greater flexibility in their daily doses. Let me ask you ...

In short, the goal of an introductory script is not to sell or qualify your potential client, the goal is to get you to listen to a little more time, to connect, and consequently, to talk. By applying these five tips your listening ratio will improve, and if your listening ratio improves, your sales ratios will also improve.

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