5 Reasons to Step Up B2B Telemarketing in Summer

Although it may seem that the summer season is not suitable for RMI (Return on Marketing Investment) in B2B business, I can assure you that my experience dictates to me that it is not completely true, and I share here with you five reasons in which I base my statement.

Avoid being forgotten

It is important to keep in touch with your potential customers throughout the year. If you do not call during the summer, you run the risk of your competition taking over the business. Do not give your prospect a chance to forget you. Closing sales requires constant monitoring and calls during the summer are no exception.

Stand out from the crowd

Hit it. When you call your potential customers, it is likely that, in the summer, you are one of the few who are contacting them. Outstanding among your competitors by calling your prospect for a talk on these "long" summer days.

The summer of your prospects is loose

Some companies experience a lazy, relaxed summer, so decision makers may be more readily available to hear from you. Although not an immediate sale, it is an ideal time to build a good relationship and work. You'll open the door now so you can climb up when the time is right.

People are more inclined to hear you.

In summer people are more relaxed, and generally are in a positive moment. Because of this positive attitude, they are more likely to consider your call as a break in their daily routine.

Prepare the fall

A proactive summer effort will surely bring a good return on your investment in the fall. Use the time to plant and create opportunities for the future. Establishing interactions with potential customers, who will convert customers to the end of the year, is not wasting time. Use the summer months to prepare your fall sales.

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