What is lead generation?

What is lead generation?

Surely you've heard about the generation of leads, but maybe you do not know very well what it means. In this post I explain what it is and how you can generate more leads.

Let's go step by step. The word lead in Inbound Marketing refers to the person who has left their data on a landing page in exchange for valuable content that you offer. This person voluntarily becomes a contact of your company and a potential customer of your products or services.

Logically to more contacts or leads, greater chances of getting new customers. And hence the importance of focusing on the generation of leads that we can define as the attraction and adquisition of contacts.

How can you generate more leads

Taking care of all the elements of this process to the maximum, testing, measuring and applying what you see that obtains better results.

  1. Create high-value content for your target audience. Ebook, guide, manual, whitepaper, video, webinar, etc? Decide the type of format and be sure it is well written or prepared and useful. Present it with a clear and attractive title. If it does not arouse interest, give it another twist to the title. You must try until you find the one that is irresistible.

  2. Choose subscription forms with the basic information: name and email. The easier you put it to the person who visits your website, the more willing it will be to act.

  3. Includes calls to action (CTA) that stand out for the size of the button as well as for the letter, color and text. Try a closer language that is in tune with your audience. For example: you can write a "I want it" instead of a "Send".

  4. Work in depth landing pages. From the design to the explanation of your offer. Focus on what benefits your product or service brings.

  5. Explore and integrate other techniques, such as email marketing, and other online channels, social networks, and offline, advertising in traditional media, events, television ...

The generation of leads is vital to start the sales process. Increasing the quantity and quality of your contacts is the first step.

In the next step, other tips and techniques come into play that will help you turn these contacts into final customers. In short, convert more to sell more.

Are you applying any of the proposed recommendations to grow your list of contacts? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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